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Ordering of a return label

By ordering a return label via our logistics agreement, you often get the the service cheaper compared to the price the delivery service normally offers.

Please note: If the item was originally delivered by special delivery service, it must be returned in the same way. DHL for example.”

The return label can either be received by email or by letter..

By mail you have the ordered return label within 15 minutes, by letter it usually takes up to 1 week.

If you choose GLS, the package must be handed in to a GLS parcel shop. The nearest drop point can be found here:
Overview of GLS drop points

GLS has the following max dimensions which must be adhered to: "length + circumference = max. 3 m"
The parcel may weigh a maximum of 20kg.

If you choose PostDanmark, the parcel must be handed in to the nearest Post Office. Find the nearest post office here:
Overview of Post Offices

Ordering a return label cannot be combined with ordering other items.
If you need more return labels, you must complete an order per return label.