: G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad G840, Black, Monotone,

G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad G840, Black, Monotone,

Artikelnummer: [3737162] | Produzent: Logitech | Modell nummer: 943-000119 | EAN: 5099206074569

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The extra large and comfortable surface extends across the desktop to support the mouse and the entire keyboard. You’ll find more comfort and more options in keyboard position without interfering with your mouse. G840 features a performance-tuned texture for consistent sensor imaging and peak cursor accuracy. The surface is also designed for the right friction level to enable targeting by feel and optimize both high-speed flick precision and low-speed control. The rubber base maintains stability during intense gameplay. G840 is also durable and flexible enough to be easily rolled up for transport. Take control and comfort with you, for both your mouse and keyboard.
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ProduktbeskrivelseLogitech Gaming G840 XL - musemåtte
ProduktmaterialeGummi, stof
Dimensioner (B x D x H)90 cm x 40 cm
Producentgaranti2 års garanti
ProduktmaterialeGummi, stof
Bredde90 cm
Dybde40 cm
Tykkelse3 mm
EgenskaberGummi base
Service & SupportBegrænset garanti - 2 år